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Ship management

A professional ship management team at sea and offshore is our outmost priority. We believe the crew to be the most important factor in ship management and securing a crew with the highest efficiency. A professional ship management team composed of a skilled and strong team to perform and maintain high quality in every field of ship management.

  • Registration of vessels
  • Operations
  • Services
  • Technical maintenance
  • Crew management
  • Vessel management

Technical management

Technical management- in addition to ship management we also assist in technical management. We are here to help you with our experienced team consisting of superintendents, technicians, former chief engineers, masters, etc.

  • Constant vessel inspection and maintenance
  • Technical supervision
  • Technical safety measure
  • Repairs
  • Technical reports
  • Drydocking
  • Monitoring

10 Years of Trust

We nurture value and integrity amongst our team along with the services we provide. Delivering excellence in every sector we step in, it is how we conduct business and conduct ourselves. Hiring experienced, qualified, knowledgeable and experienced officials. We believe in perfection at sea and want our team to grow through challenges. We are here to help you so come and join us.

- CEO & Founder


Action that inspires trust and confidence


Value for our team, value for our services, value for clients- the golden rule


We are passionate about our clients and we embrace their priority is our priority. Customer service trumps everything.


Continuous innovation and improvement a perfect.

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